ROMAN SHVYDKOY                      

Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 S. Morgan St. (M/C 249)
Chicago, IL 60607-7045

Office:  SEO540

Email:  last name at uic dot edu

Phone: (312) 413-2967; Fax: (312) 996-1491

Links: [MSCS] [UIC]


Curriculum Vitae: [CV]

Research Interests:  Fluid dynamics, Euler, Navier-Stokes systems; Non-local parabolic equations; Collective behavior, emergent dynamics, flocking; Turbulence, Onsager conjecture, convex integration, vanishing viscosity limit; Instability in ideal fluids, linearization method, WKB analysis, geometric optics; Spectral theory, pseudo-differential, harmonic and functional analysis.

Publications:  [arXiv] [MSN] [ByTopic].

Editorial Board: [JMFM]

Funding: NSF DMS, College of LAS @UIC, Simons Foundation. Here is a press release on my work under Simons Fellows 2018. I run a working group on Mathematics of Collective Behavior [schedule].


Lecture notes and books:

1.     Dynamics and analysis of alignment models of collective behavior [amazon]

2.     Functional Analysis [pdf]. Based on MATH 539 lectures.

3.     Lectures on Onsager conjecture [pdf] @ MSRI

4.     Lectures on Onsager conjecture [pdf] @ Kacov





Fall 2020



Functional Analysis

MATH 539

Spring 2020

Analysis I

MATH 313

Fall 2019

Writing for Mathematics

MATH 300

Functional Analysis

MATH 539

Fall 2017

Analysis I

MATH 313


MATH 585

Spring 2017

Analysis I

MATH 313

Classical Methods of PDEs

MATH 576

Fall 2015




MATH 585

Spring 2015

Vector Calculus

MATH 210

Mathematics of Fluid Mechanics

MATH 580

Fall 2013



Real Analysis I

MATH 533

Spring 2013

Calculus I

MATH 180

Functional Analysis

MATH 539

Spring 2012



Advanced PDEs

MATH 577